Niall Moody

About Me

I'm an artist and games/software developer (also now a lecturer in games audio at Abertay University), and have been releasing games and interactive art since 2005. Until I retired it in early 2015 I ran the small mixed-media record label Giant Bear Tracks, and I have created various pieces of audio software over the years. I have a PhD in Music Technology from the University of Glasgow (details here).

I am interested in the intersection of sound, visuals and interaction. My work often makes use of procedurally-generated elements, such as procedural colour palettes, text, and audio. I have made a number of local multiplayer games, and have developed an interest in creating digital works which involve real-world interactions between players/audience-members. I am also interested in the creation of new creative tools, and how such tools shape the art created with them.



Play On Exhibition


A Dance of Whispered Truths (collaboration with Mantra Collective)


Competitive Cuddling Simulator Controller

Parat+ by Incalcando


Mount Pleasant Drive



A Diary of Whispered Truths

Gravity Series

Dark is Yonder Town



Screaming Snakeball Tournament Edition (unreleased; original version here)

So Many Jagged Shards

Triangle vs. Square

Minimal 2 Player Game

All Will Be Artists



Dwindling Worlds



The Lair of Fungal Wonder


See here for a full list of works I have released.